Hi and a question!

Post questions and tips on dealing with mental state before and during a martial arts or sports performance, such as prestart emotions, entering the “zone” or peak performance state, and control of concentration.

Hi and a question!

Postby chix » Oct 31, 2006 10:42

Hi, just found this site and theres some very interesting information on it.
I have been doing TaeKwon Don for 18 months now and am currently at Red belt, for this testing I need to be able to break wood with a foot and hand technique and seem to be having some problems doing it. I have been practising on the breakable boards and am able to break that doing front kick and elbow smash but I cannot seem to be able to do it on the wood. I have only successfully broken 2 pieces of wood (both with front kicks) and am starting to think that its never going to happen. Did anyone else have mental block problems with this and how did you overcome it? any feedback is appreciated.
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