9 week cycle

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9 week cycle

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This is my first post. I’ve learned a lot from this forum. I’ve read all of Toms articles and Stretching Scientifically. Also read Periodization of Sports training by Bompa and intend to order a copy of Science of Sports training.
I am trying to plan a 9 week training cycle with the intention of starting kickboxing training. This would include 2 max strength sessions, 3 muscle endurance sessions, dynamic stretches everyday and 3 aerobic sessions. I will also add the progression of strength for splits and interval training to this. So I have a number of questions on max strength(MS), muscle endurance(ME) and periodization. I’ve been lifting weights for about 6/7 months mainly for hypertrophy.
I did mainly stick to the compound movements but with the knowledge I now have this was far too long.

Max Strength

I’ve developed 2 MS routines as follows:

FrontLat Pulldown or ChinUps(underhand grip)
Bench Press/dumbbell incline press
Shoulder Press

Front Squat/Squat
One Arm Seated Pulley Row
Cable Cross/decline bench press
Lunge/Side Lunge
Shoulder Press
Close Grip Bench Press

Barbell shrugs 1 set 10 reps once a week

Ab work, Situps , BackExtensions to be performed after 2 MS sessions and 1 ME session

Is the exercise selection right?and the order?no.of exercises?
This is performed vertically so to get adequate rest of 3-5 mins right?
It states in Periodization of sports training(Bompa) that the max load method can only be used after a minimum of two years of general strength training?
I plan to do 2 sets of each exercise.
What 1RM percentages should I use for a low, medium and high load session?
Would this be ok:
Low 75% Set1 80%Set2
Medium 80% Set1 85%Set2
High 85% Set1 90%Set2

Should I do 5 reps for first set then ramp weight up slightly for second set and do 2/3 reps?slightly more reps for a low load and lessreps for a heavy load?
At what week should I lift 100%(week 6 or even later?)

If I have 2 MS sessions a week how should I load the sessions over every 3 weeks?
Would this be suitable?
Week1 1 low load session 1 medium load session
Week2 2 medium load sessions
Week3 1 medium load session and 1 high load session

I then repeat this for the next two 3 week cycles.
I would only lift close to 1RM for 1 session every 3 weeks.
Should I then plan the intensity of the muscle endurance and aerobic session around the intensity of the MS sessions each week?

Muscle endurance (30/40% 1RM)

Squats/Leg Press
Bench press
Seated rows
Military press
Lat pulldown
Adductor pulldowns(only on 2 ME sessions)

Is exercise selection ok?(any other suggestions?)no. of exercises?
How should I progress with a muscle endurance routine as above?
If I was aiming to develop muscle endurance of short/medium duration how many reps should I start with?
Would 20 reps of each exercise to start be ok, adding 10 reps every 3 weeks
and determining the low/med/high load by the no. of circuits
How many circuits would constitute low,medium high loads?


How should I develop an aerobic base ?
2 interval training sessions/1 slow steady run
or 3 interval training sessions of varying intensity.

I was thinking 60 second intervals with 120secs(6-8 sets), 90 secs(8-10sets) and 60secs(10-12sets) rest period for each low, medium and high intensity.


How should I arrange 3 aerobic sessions and 3 muscle endurance sessions around the 2 MS sessions in each microcycle for adequate recovery if I arrange the 2 MS sessions as below.Should I keep the MS sessions on the same days(Tues and Sat) each microcycle as below?
If an interval session and a ME session is planned on the same day
what comes first as the ME session will also work the leg muscles? I’m still confused as to which days should have 2 workouts and which days to work different energy systems?
And at what intensities? Please help on this one.

Tuesday MS Low
Sat MS Medium
Sun Rest

Tuesday MS Medium
Sat MS Medium
Sun Rest

Tuesday MS Medium
Sat MS High
Sun Rest

I would then repeat the above 3 week cycle 3 times over a 9 week macrocycle

Just a question on bad exercises and on exercises some people avoid.
I’ve heard of the upright row because of the inner rotation of the shoulder and also any presses behind the neck.
Also I broke my left collar bone about 8 months ago.
Anybody else had this injury and did you avoid certain exercises for the shoulder

Sorry for putting all this in the one post but as its all interrelated I thought it was the best idea. Hopefully I can plan a fairly perfect 9 week training plan for entering a martial art.
All help appreciated.
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