How to fit strengthening of hands and feet in a microcycle?

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How to fit strengthening of hands and feet in a microcycle?

Postby REG » Dec 20, 2011 23:21

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! I am back once again, with another question on strength training. I want to do the strength exercises for my hands, wrists, ankles, as part of my long-term strength preparation for the martial arts practice of hitting bags and focus mitts, etc. I know that Kurz has suggested from his column article #19 "Strengthen your hands and wrists by crumpling papers, kneading silly putty, rolling up a weight on a string using overhand and underhand grips, twisting the forearm (pronating and supinating) with one-sided dumbbells, bending the wrist while holding a one-sided dumbbell in a hammer grip and in an ice-pick grip. To strengthen your feet crumple papers or rugs with the toes, move across the floor by curling your feet, do heel raises (straight, on the outside toes, and on the inside of the big toe), and toe raises against resistance (straight, and rotated in and out)." However, how is one supposed to fit all those exercises with a given microcycle without overtraining? I don't think that it would seem rational to do all those exercises right after a given workout dedicated to strength training. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
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