Help! Saw Secrets of Stretching, unsure how to start.

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Help! Saw Secrets of Stretching, unsure how to start.

Postby Jearx » Jul 20, 2004 19:46

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

I am 32, and have not done exercise in quite so many years. My plan is to work up gradually to be able to do the excercises in secrets of stretching.

Currently I am doing sit-ups a variety of them and thighmasters every day. I would like to know how to start on the work outs in secrets of stretching. I dont know how to schdule the week or what exercise to do. Also when to start adding the different excercises since I dont want to rush it , strain myself then quit.

I see that you need to work on the abdomen and back. Then hip flexors and thighs then inner thighs.

What would you recommend as a program to follow nd how many weeks before adding the different excercises?

Thank you.

Postby Kit » Oct 25, 2004 03:13

The videa and book Secrets of stretching should explain the answers to your questions.
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