warm up and streangthining

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warm up and streangthining

Postby nasser » Aug 07, 2004 07:04

Iam so glad to to be part of this forum, and extra glad that Mr Kruz is on top of many answers..

I read sone of articles in your montly column, however still i am confuse of how i supoose to do my warm up, and type of strengthen / conditioning

I do shorin rui once a week and Shotokan three times a week.

I only strted seriously one months ago, my age 37.

I see my self interesting on strengthen of my body with hardening methods, such as baseball racket covered with soft rag heated on my legs, chest, and hands. I do this in paralal so when I finish my KATA my body ready for compact or sparing,
I am mix up do I do the write thing? I am serous about martial arts and I need to be on speed .
I really need gaudiness
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