WKF KARATE periodization

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WKF KARATE periodization

Postby Guest » Aug 14, 2004 20:20

Altought in USA, WKF rules for karate fighiting aren't commom, for a large world community this is the karate as competition that is trying to go to the olympics.

My question is realted to periodization, for the combat competition, since it lasts 3 minutes, and it depends severelly on explosive actions to score point techniques that go from simple straight upper limbs atacks, allmost all kicks ( they are well rewarded) and grabbing and projection followed by an atemi.

Most of the fights today, passed from ordinary (refeering to energy sources) from "aerobic ryhtm" then anaerobic then "aerobic ryhtm" to something that goes very fast during all match, and it only stops for a few seconds for point awarding.

How to break this maze?

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