How to fit evrything into a good schedule?

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How to fit evrything into a good schedule?

Postby dr.agon » Jan 03, 2005 23:29

Hi all,
I've been doing martial arts for some time now, and following this schedule. I am interested if this is ok, i.e. would not lead to overtraining in time to come.

Technical workout in the evening / 1.30 hour

Maximal resistance strength training and isometric stretching / 1.30 h
This is usually done around noon.
In the evening I do 45 min - 1 hour of bag kicking,

Running, sprints followed by long endurance running (30min.) followed by relaxed stretching / 1 hour
In the evening technical workout / 1.30

Basically repeat Wednesday

Repeat Tuesday with the exception of technical workout in the evening

Endurance training with stretching around the noon.
No training in the evening

Rest until next technical/speed workout on Monday evening.

As you see I try to follow the technical- strength - endurance training paradigm, but that is almost impossible as I have four technical workouts during a week. Also I must have two strength workouts and at least two endurance workouts. The problem is that all my technical workouts are done after either strength or endurance workouts which make me feel tired in the evening.
I do two isometric stretching on days I do morning strength workouts, and one isometric stretching with kick exercise you showed on tape.
Is there better solution to this, i.e. change the schedule a little bit, maybe more rest in the middle of week?

Postby Guest » Jan 17, 2005 18:55

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Postby dragon » Jan 18, 2005 06:24

Yep,sadly i think many people don't reply for fear of being told they're wrong.

I'll give my opinion-right or wrong...

You're doing 6 days on/1 off,sometimes with a double split through the day.This would personally over train me and wreck my joints.

Here's how i would arrange it:-

Monday:-That's fine

Tuesday:-I'd leave bagwork to your technical workouts and do running instead(the running you currently do on a wednesday).I'd also change the order-I'd do the running in the morning(you say around noon) and do the strength workout towards the evening.

Wednesday:-complete rest!

Thursday:-do what you currently do.

Friday:-technical workout in the evening.

Saturday:-Repeat Tuesday.

Sunday:- complete rest!

This way you are having complete rest after you weight training sessions(Tues and Sat).You "could" perform light isometrics in your technical workouts Mon and Fri followed by more intense isometrics on your strength days (Tues and Sat).I,personally don't like that way of doing isometrics though.

The only problem you might have is dropping the technical workout on Wed.Many people don't like to sacrifice their main training.

Hope this helps.With any luck it might provoke others into giving their opinions too.

Good luck,

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Postby Kit » Jan 18, 2005 19:43

Dragon - I am interested, you say you don't like doing isometrics that way (ie one day low intensity next high intensity, day off then one day low intensity next high intensitythen two days off?)

How do you prefer to do them?
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Postby dr.agon » Jan 19, 2005 01:45

wow, there are alive people here! Thanks god for that :D

Anyway, after following the mentioned schedule for maybe two month, i changed it (last week) to something like this:

Monday tru Friday (that’s 5 days a week) - 1.30 h of technical workout in --------------------evening (plus extra half hour on wed. for sparring - takes my breath away :))

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday it's max resistance training with iso stretching.
And that’s' about it.
I get a lot of cardio on those technical workouts plus sparring, and I just need three days of strength training (I forgot to tell I do plyos on Wednesday too).
So on Saturday i do only strength workout !

Anyway, I don't want to cancel any of the evening classes, but I also need strength and everything else.

I rest on Sunday, I try NOT to move at all, just sit on couch all day.

I hope Kurz reads this so he can give some suggestions about revised workout regime.

Postby dragon » Jan 19, 2005 06:19

Hi Kit,

I changed the way i perform my isometrics after reading material by Pavel Tsatsouline.I'm not saying the Kurz way is wrong but i found it didn't work to well for me.
I perform isometrics mon,wed,and fri.I was never able to judge "low intensity" very well.I'd start by trying to hold back on the 1st workout to have some some in reserve for the day after but it never quite worked out that way for me.

I usually perform static active flexibility exercises for all kick directions(again,something Kurz/Tsatsouline don't seem to agree on),isometrics,and then relaxed stretches.

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Postby mmeloon » Jan 20, 2005 14:27

dr.agon wrote:wow, there are alive people here! Thanks god for that :D

I hope Kurz reads this so he can give some suggestions about revised workout regime.

Why don't you submit this as a question to his weekly email Q&A newsletter? That's the best way to get in touch with him. You are a subscriber, aren't you?

As for your "wow, there are alive people here" crack, keep in mind that none of us are getting paid for any of this.

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Postby Felix » Feb 06, 2006 09:28

I think one endurance workout is more than enough. Myself I do technique twice a week, followed by running 20-30 min. And strength training twice a week also. The day after my first strength workout, which I try to do less intense than the second one, is when I do my endurance workout. Which generally consists of lots of pushups and pullups to failure (or close to it) and lots of sit-ups, crunches and ocasionally hindu squats. After that I have a day of rest. And than again a day of rest on sunday. Personally I think two technical workouts followed by running and two strength workouts are perfect. And one endurance workout should be enough, since enurance workouts should be followed by a day of rest, it would not be practical imo to have more than one endurance workout, since you definately do not want to compromise your other ability's.
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