Lots of questions

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Lots of questions

Postby quicksylver3 » Oct 25, 2005 00:45

I bought the DVD Secrets of Stretching to work on increasing my flexibility and realized that I really need to work on my strenght/endurance as well (I am a martial artist). Reading the columns has given me a great idea of how to start and hopefully I will get the money to buy science of sports training soon. But as for right now, I would appreciate anyone's educated help on my training schedule.

Monday- practice various techniques with/without partner

Tuesday - Strength.
-Hindu squats 3x60
-bench press 3x10
-bodyweight lunges 3X30
-seated rows 3x10
-weighted calf raises 3x10 ( each nuetral, pronated, supinated)
-military press 3x10
-lat pulldowns 3x10
-situps 3x50
- bodyweight back extensions on bench 3x20

PM- martial arts class (mainly anaerobic endurance)

Wednesday- endurance
AM run on treadmill 30 min
PM sparring

Thursday - technique

Friday -AM strength (same as tues strength)
PM sparring (sometimes)

Saturday- AM Class (anaerobic endurance mostly)

Sunday - a much enjoyed rest

Also I do a dynamic stretch every day in the morning... and a relaxed stretch later in the day, usually after my workouts.

So I have a few questions. Firstly, it would be good to know if anyone sees anything wrong with my current schedule. Otherwise:

1: I cannot do 500 situps. I am a martial artist and I think 100 would be pushing it. So should I do a large set of situps in my strength workout or many sets of smaller reps? Should I do them every day?

2: Can I do high rep/low resistance exercises every day? I know lying back extensions are ok, but what about hindu squats? Pushups? Situps? I put them in my strenght program because apparently my legs/ back arent strong enough to do weighted exercises, but I didnt want to neglect anything.

3: Am I right in that Aerobic endurance and Anaerobic endurance exercises should be done on the same day? Is there an order in which they should go?

4: If there are any exercises anyone would suggest I could do everyday, I would really appreciate it. My occupation allows me about 1 1/2 2 hrs of free time mon-thurs! I would like to do something constructive with that free time!

I am really excited to get into better condition. I am a serious martial artist and have been for awhile, but my weight training/ conditioning aspect was based on info from a public high school coach, thus i have achieved minimal resuls. My improvements in strength, flexibility, agility, etc. are not near what they should be. Now that I have some scientific guidelines to go by, I hope to achieve my goals. Thank you very much Thomas Kurz, especially, and also to anyone who helps with any of my questions!

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Postby dragon » Oct 25, 2005 05:38

Personally,i think you're doing too much,too soon.You say you're excited about getting in better condition and want to know what exercises you can do everyday.Working out 2 times per day with only 1 rest day will soon burn you out if you're not careful and the motivation for training you have now will be lost.

1-I'd try and keep your strength workouts and martial arts class on seperate days.
2-If you're new to strength training i'd split the routine over 2 seperate days so you're working each body part once per week to begin with.So your schedule may look like:-

Day 1-Bench press,chin ups,military press,ab work.
Day 2-Squats,stiff leg deadlifts,ab work.

3-The high rep/bodyweight training can be done at the end of your strength workouts.
4-I prefer chin ups to pulldowns and some form of weight exercise should be done for the legs(squats or conventional deadlift)
5-There is no need to do strength training everyday.
6-I usually do aerobic training before anaerobic training.

Hope this helps,

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Postby quicksylver3 » Oct 26, 2005 02:27


Thanks, dragon, for the advice. I am not really new to working out, I just think I overlooked some beginning details and I want to start again to develop a better foundation. I got my weight lifting knowledge from a high school weight lifting coach... bad idea. I had poor muscular endurance and I found out today that I still do. I built myself up over the past 4 years (went from 6' 130 lbs to 6' 170 lbs) but I think some of my weaknesses are showing through now (joint pain, back pain, etc.) So I want to start doing the 500 situps/ back extensions before I do anymore weight bearing leg exercises. I am 19 now, been in the martial arts since 8 yrs old and I love it. I would like to have a great career ahead and I know strength training is mandatory... I just need to know better how to do it. I am fortunate to have found this site before I continued my strength training "program"... If my old workout was causing the pain, I don't want to know what would happen in the next couple years!

I have actually changed my workout again to be completely muscular endurance. I do a few sets of pushups and hindu pushups instead of my old upper body program.

So, basically, I am not new... just trying to go back and build a better foundation. I just think I have been really lucky and not hurt myself too bad by trying to get by with minimal endurance. Thank you for your help, dragon. Any other advice is greatly appreciated. And thank you Thomas Kurz for giving me information to improve my abilities.

P.S. I went to try my situps and back extensions today (first time in a few months due to back pain I was dealing with) 2 sets of 30 were all I got from situps (sad... i know) and I could barely complete 3 sets of 15 back extensions! I got a lot of work to do!
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Postby mmeloon » Oct 29, 2005 18:12

Dragon already pointed out that you're probably trying to do too much. Remember that quote on the front cover of Science of Sports Training. There's no sense killing yourself if less effort will provide acceptable results.

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