Forming shock microcycles

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Forming shock microcycles

Postby fox69 » Apr 19, 2006 09:24

I am about six weeks in to this year's macrocycle, and having now completed my introductory mesocycle and commenced my first general preparation mesocycle I am looking to plan the shock microcycle to fit into a 4 week mesocycle consisting of 2 ordinary, 1 shock and 1 restorative microcycles (performed in that order).

Chapter 3 of Science of Sports Training states that in shock microcycles the intensity of load is increased suddenly while maintaining considerable volume. I assume that this implies that volume itself is not a variable that should be increased to increase the intensity of shock microcycles - if anything I would expect volume to remain stable or decrease slightly. So I am looking to manipulate other variables such as:
    resistance (increasing it)
    rest between sets (decreasing it)
    speed of movement (increasing it)
    time allowed to perform a given amount of work (decreasing it)

Now if I increase the resistance of an exercise then I would expect to reduce the number of repetitions (otherwise I would be increasing volume too, by overcoming more resistance for the same number of repetitions used during an ordinary microcyle). Is this the correct approach in forming a more intense resistance exercise in a shock microcycle?

I think manipulation of the rests, speed of movement and the time allowed to perform a given amount of work will not require considerable modifcation of other aspects of the exercises performed (and they're inter-related in the case of the time aspect anyway), but if anybody has any suggestions for other factors that can be manipulated to increase intensity or other comments please feel free to make them.

Lastly I am performing a number of strength workouts (based around a split routine which I think is actually the wrong strength training solution for me and the sports I participate in but it's what I'm working with for the moment), as well as training flexibility, technical aspects, and aerobic endurance at the moment. Obviously it will be fairly easy to increase the intensity of the strength work, but should I attempt to increase the intensity of the other workouts too? And if so which of these would be subject to increased intensity and how would the increase be provided?
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