push-ups & pull-ups every other day

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push-ups & pull-ups every other day

Postby Jorge » Apr 27, 2006 23:08

I am planning to start a new routine for my upper body of push-ups + pull-ups every other day and in the days off some abdominal work. On both the idea is to increase the number of repetitions every week until I hit the hundreds in one set. All these in the morning and in the afternoons I am working out my legs (with weights, twice a week) and Martial Arts training (3 times a week).

Is this any good for strength development of the upper body?
Will this "every-other-day" type of routine give enough rest to the muscles?
Will this type of strength training give me any muscle size?

...just curious.

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Postby dragon » Apr 28, 2006 08:15

1)It will develop endurance but you won't be able to increase your reps indefinatley with this routine.
2)Personally,i don't think this gives enough rest time.
3)Working out so often,i doubt you will gain much muscle mass.

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