Getting Started But Also Need To Strenghten Knees

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Getting Started But Also Need To Strenghten Knees

Postby del » Oct 08, 2007 11:06

My basic question is:

I’m out of shape and understand I need to start strengthening my abdomen. However, can I also start strengthening my knees at the same time? Also, what would be the most appropriate exercises for a beginner to start strengthening his knees?


As mentioned above, I’m getting started and out of shape. I’ve read Stretching Scientifically, watched the Secrets of Stretching DVD, and read Mr. Kurz’s columns # 19, 20, 24 as well as a variety of postings on this discussion forum.

I understand I need to strengthen my abdomen first, and I intend to follow the “out-of-shape” exercise in the sequence recommended in the DVD.

However, by “listening to my body” and previous experience I know that strengthening my knees is a top priority.

I noted that Column #19 states” “Right from the beginning of your strength training you can do squats without weights”.

I am interpreting this to mean I can start squats without weights right away even though I haven’t fully strengthened my abdomen, Is this correct?

Also I would like to also start working in Hindu Squats and a knee exercise program that I found on UConn Health Center’s web site. It consists of simple basic jumping exercise (Tuck Jumps, Broad Jumps, Squat Jumps, Double Leg Cone Jumps, 180 Degree Jumps, and Bounding) designed to strengthen the knees.

All of the above would be done without weights. I assume that starting these immediately (and gradually) would be OK?

P.S. Unfortunately, the UConn web page containing the jumping exercise is no longer available, but you can get an idea of the jumps by looking at:
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Postby Tmess » Oct 08, 2007 16:01

You may want want to do some basic leg strengthing exercises before progressing to plyometrics(the name for the jumping exercises you speak of) as they are typically used to improve sports speficic power ability- in the examples on your link, perhaps basketball or high jump. Also, for your weak and untrained knees, the force they produce, even without weights, could lead to injury

The exerices in the link attached are great for beginners.
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Re: Getting Started But Also Need To Strenghten Knees

Postby tyciol » Aug 14, 2010 09:18

I remember in one of his videos Mr. Kurz was doing squats, though he was doing them hindu-style (heels off ground) standing in snow or something... not sure if that's for beginners or not.
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