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Noise-free please

Postby Bruce_Lee » Apr 10, 2004 11:35


I have a fairly simple but annoying problem which I can't seem to find out. I do many sports one of which is Karate. About 6 months ago I had a simple injury. I think I forced myself a bit too much . Let me explain you what happened in case it may have been the cause.

Basicly I did a spinning kick in the air (reverse roundhouse, where the feets direction was towards the floor) but with the right leg which I wasn't quite good at yet. So upon impact (there are these hard pillow-like big gloves, don't know their names)on an opposing force, I felt my leg very slightly hurt(above the hip a little near the groin) and felt(heard) a crack or crunch sound on my right thigh just below the right buttock.

Anyway but then it was okay, I could walk and all, very slight pain maybe, but that's it. I came home and then I noticed I couldn't quite raise my leg without bending from the knee.Next morning everything fine. Anyway this is what happened.

I keeping wondering if that crunch sound was a result of a permanent injury.What could of that crunch be? Anyway I can raise my leg now and kick and all, but I feel as though it's became harder to do, I feel like my right leg is heavier than it use to be. It might be psyhcological because I keep worrying of what happened and regret to have forced myself.

I have gone to the doctor. He said that it's probably a ruptured tendon. Would this cause the symptoms I've described?

Now my initial concern right now is when I move my right leg, and lift it it from the thigh and bend my knee I hear a cracking noise in the hip and the groin and sometimes below the right buttock. There is no pain but it's just annoying. The movement should be smooth, but all I feel is the bones movements in my leg(I think it's bones, does muscles cause any sounds?).I feel the bone rotating or (muscles stretching,extensing) in my hip when I get up from a sitting position and when I raise my leg and bring it back down and it also makes cracking sounds. Or if I raise my right thigh,bending it from the knee rotating it to my right side extensing from the knee and then slowly (at this point the leg is straight) holding it in the air. I feel slight pain or muscles tightness building up due to gravity, and when I bring the foot to the floor, the groin area suddenly pops,streches and then relaxes.I even count the sounds. Now maybe it's got nothing to do from the injury, I don't know. But after the injury, to check if my leg is okay, I kept moving my leg.

Anyway here are the questions:

1-) May having an injury like the one I described cause a permanent cracking sound?
2-)What causes these cracking sounds in the body? Is it vitamin deficiency or something else?
3-)Are there any ligaments in the hip?Could it have been damaged?
4-)Could there still be a damaged bone or tissue in my right leg after almost sixth months?
5-)Could there be a torn cartilage in my right hip?
6-)Could it be a damaged joint?Wouldn't it heal after six months?
7-)What do you think is my condition and is there any technical term to sum it all up?
8-)Normally can there be cracking sounds(in the hip near groin) when raising the leg from the knee?
9-) Is there anyway that my leg isn't as strong as before, therefore it feels heavier? And won't it ever restore to it's original health?
10-)I heard of Acetabular Labral Tears, Hip Snapping Syndrome and the ILT band from your website. Could these be relevant?
11-) Just out of curiosity. Let say a ligament,a cartilage is torn, a tendon is ruptured,a muscles is strained, or bone is sprained, will these recover 100% to their original health and strength.
12-)Exercises for recovery please.

So sorry...sorry ..sorry.I wrote so long.I know this is a simple problem compared with all the other ones in the world, but it's important to have noise-free smooth movements when doing a sport like Karate.I keep saying to myself if only I hadn't done that move. I can't find peace in myself.

With kind regards,

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