Recovery after a martial art class

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Recovery after a martial art class

Postby grlereb » Dec 18, 2003 04:30

I want to know, after a typical cool down session of a martial art class, which one is better for speed up muscles recovery ... a bath in hot or cold water. I'm aware that a hot water will relax the muscles but also that the cold water will improve the blood circulation and so the elimination of lattic acid.

Thanx !
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Recovery after a martial art class

Postby Thomas Kurz » Dec 19, 2003 11:19

An excerpt from “Science of Sports Training”:
A warm bath (95-99°F [35-37°C]) is recommended after strength or speed-strength workouts and in cases of increased muscular tension and fatigue pains (Naglak 1979). After the bath, the athlete should cool down and rest. After an endurance workout a cooler bath followed by a short, refreshing shower is recommended (Ulatowski 1981b).

More on speeding up recovery with showers and baths is in the chapter recovery of “Science of Sports Training” ( ).
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