How to manage during long intensive course

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How to manage during long intensive course

Postby Patrik » Jun 01, 2007 06:52


I'm attending for the first time a six day intensive course in KDS Karate-do this summer. It will be two three-hour sessions every day for six days. Obviously this will put a lot of strain on the body, and I'm thinking about how to behave to reduce fatigue as much is possible. I have a couple of specific questions, but all tips are welcome.

- How much sports-fluids (isotonic) should I drink? For shorter (2-3 days) courses I usually drink as much as I fell like, but I'm thinking that in this case it might make my muscles rely too much on sugar instead of fat for energy, creating some kind of vicious circle where even more sugar is needed. Is this a problem at all?

- What should I eat/drink immediately after the sessions to make some recovery possible?

- between sessions during the day we have a few hours of rest. Is it preferable to sleep during this time or to remain somewhat mobile?

I would appreciate any advice greatly,

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