Difference of opinion regarding sports/training

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Difference of opinion regarding sports/training

Postby BPax » Feb 02, 2012 19:17

Subject is a 16-year old 3-sport high school sophomore, interested in running a full marathon during competitive lacrosse season (he is an integral part of the team with an eye on future college play). Subject has never trained for a marathon, plays football, lacrosse and runs intermediate track distance events. Parent A is a runner who has successfully completed 3 marathons, feels son is capable of training and participation without detriment to studies/lacrosse team commitment & performance and wishes son to enter an upcoming marathon with them (during lacrosse season). Parent B is not a runner and does not want son to train or participate due to concern about commitments to HS teams/studies, detriment to lacrosse performance and possible wear-and-tear injuries. Looking for some sound advice, please...
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