Rehab After Total Knee Replacement

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Rehab After Total Knee Replacement

Postby FredFramingham » Jul 02, 2016 09:30

Hello All,
I had a total knee replacement two and a half weeks ago. Seems to be healing nicely, leg getting stronger and range of motion is (very) slowly increasing. Of course I'm worried about getting back to my routines (mostly TKD), but I think I have a few months of rehab before I get there.
My question is about the Rehab Physical Therapy - it seems to be a mishmash of dynamic, static, and isometric stretches, in no particular order. Do you have any advice for how to structure these? (Dynamic -> Isometric -> Static ?)
Although the Physical Therapy isn't very vigorous, on my own I decided to space the isometric quad stretches to every other day - it made my quads feel like they were ready to cramp up, and I'm scared that could break their new attachments.
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