Knee: Just What Did I Hurt?

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Knee: Just What Did I Hurt?

Postby richardpaulhall » Jun 07, 2008 15:38

During a series of kicking drills at my Tae Kwan Do class, I felt a sharp pain in my right knee, the inside portion of the knee.
(Side Kick to a kick pad followed by a hook kick over the kick pad without lowering the foot. The sharp pain came as I was doing the hook kick during the third or fourth repetition. I stopped doing the drill after I got the pain.)

The sharpness passed quickly and was replaced by a dull ache. It did not hurt to walk and the knee has been generally fine since. But the discomfort returns if I turn just right. There was no redness or swelling. There have not been any kicking problems in the two weeks since then.

Just now I found a way to duplicate the discomfort.
Sitting in my computer chair, my thighs are horizontal. I lean back and push my hips to the edge of the chair. I get my shins vertical, with my feet wider than shoulder width apart, and turn my feet all the way out.
Now I slowly move my knees closer together. I feel nothing in my left knee, just a mild stretch in the groin.
But the right knee gets that discomfort. The pain seems localized around the bony prominence on the inside of the right knee. It is no the muscle above the knee cap but clearly below where that muscle ends.

What is your best guess in what I have "pulled"? Ligament, tendon, Muscle?
In duplicating the stretch to describe it here, the discomfort has lessened, like I had localized a stretch for a muscle and I had worked out the strain.

Ideas? Issues? Concerns?

I am male, 5' 9", 185 pounds, 54 yo, and have been training for 2 1/2 years in 'traditional' (no Sine wave) Tae Kwan Do.
I am more flexible than almost all of the male students 40 and up. (If the issue is flexibility how do I describe it in a post?)
I do not do any weight work and do my best to put some miles inline skating every week.
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Re: Knee: Just What Did I Hurt?

Postby elskbrev » Jun 16, 2008 12:07

See the following thread:

Also, check out Kurz' article at . The exercise for strengthening the external rotation of the hip also strengthens the sartorius. You can start with body weight movement--just check the sole of your foot for dirt a few times, seated or standing. It pays to work on overall knee stabilization and adductor flexibility and strength--the sartorius doesn't work alone.

Good luck
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