Back Injury

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Back Injury

Postby xander » Dec 15, 2003 08:04

oooh..the first post!!

I just thought I'd share my experience of a back injury with you all.

The injury was caused deadlifting in the gym with poor technique. I was ironically trying to strengthen my back, and I was in a rush. I had a rounded back and was moving too fast. I heard/felt a 'pop' and immediately dropped the bar. It didnt feel too bad at first, but I tried to stretch out my back and it felt strange so i knew somethign was wrong.

I went back to the office but my back got progressively worse to the point where I couldnt walk. i ended up getting an ambulance to a&e where they gave me pain releif and referred me to a physio. I had 3 physio sessions to just to regain range of movement as i couldnt move my trunk at all.

I was in agony. That was 6 months ago and Im still recovering. I am so angry with myself and its so ironic that me trying to push my training too hard in one session caused me to miss dozens of sesions in recovery.

I still dont know exactly what the injury was as Ive never had a scan, but Ive heard things about torn ligaments and disc protrusions and misaligned pelvis...!!

Anyway it hurt...a lot. for 4 days i could not move or walk. dramatic improvements came over the following weeks (with physio) - i could handle everday life (walking, sitting)...but certainly not Martial Arts or training. MA is my life so i was most upset!

As my back got better i noticed sciatic pain in the nerves of my right hamstring - i couldnt stretch my leg at all without pain.

I decided to visit a chiropractor. I was very sceptical at first as I had heard mixed things about them. I went anyway and the first session was all right, except he told me very bad things which made me feel down. I dont know the extent of truth or accuracy of what he told me, but it involved a 'category 3' misalignment of the pelvis and cranium, trapped nerves, and disc damage.

He said it was a medium to long term problem.

I was worried that he was 'trapping' me to keep my money flowing in. But I have to say he made a real difference to my sciatica, but minimal difference to my overall lower back problem.

The manipulations are bizarre, but do not hurt at all. theres lots of loud cracks and crunches. After my second manipulation, i woke up in the morning with a sudden realisation that my sciatica had dissipated greatly. I could suddenly touch my toes again!

A couple weeks later and sciatica was completely gone!! i was very pleased. all that remains now is a weakness of the muscles, and an aching, stiff feeling in my lower back and buttocks.

This treatment was private and I had to stop because I am a student with not much money. I figured health comes first and spent all I had on treatment.

It is still bothering me and I cant weight train, but I do MA lessons once a week. I always have an aching feeling in my lower back, hips and buttocks, and if I am active, the next morning all my back muscles will be full of knots and in agony!

I have now been referred to a physiotherapist again on the NHS so Ill see what happens from here...

Thanks for reading...hope to hear your experiences...
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Back Injury

Postby Thomas Kurz » Dec 16, 2003 19:50

This is what you get if you do not make it an ironclad habit to lift with the right form.

If I'd be in your situation I would seek the help of a doctor specializing in Applied Kinesiology and a good massage therapist.

I had a chronic back problem and have wasted much time and lots of money on several doctors--orthopedists, sports injury specialists, and chiropractors too.

Then I chanced upon a chiropractor who was a certified Applied Kinesiology specialist and in three visits my back was normal. I have described this experience in Stadion News of Spring 1995 (downloadable at ).

Whenever I have a muscle injury I go to a physician who specializes in Applied Kinesiology or to a massage therapist who uses techniques of Applied Kinesiology.

Applied Kinesiology tests reveal the exact extent of damage (muscle or ligament, or both? partial tear or complete?) the specific exercises and manipulations that restore the fullest possible function and even the foods and supplements that speed up the healing of a given injury. For example, a broth made of beef bones provides nutrients that help heal sprained ligaments. (But your body's needs may be different and are best revealed by AK tests.)

In addition to Applied Kinesiology diagnosis and treatment, deep tissue massage helps with healing and restoring function. You can read about massage and how to find the right massage therapist in the Summer 2003 issue of Stadion News.

Do not despair. Follow my advice at the beginning of the Q and A on Injuries ( ) and find the right help.
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Postby xander » Dec 17, 2003 06:38

Thanks for your reply Tom!

The advice you give seems sound, but its always hard to find the right practitioner who can help you.

I chose a chiropractor because I beleived they could treat the underlying cause (misaligned skeleton) rather than the symptoms of my problem. They did remove the sciatica, but the overall back problem still persists.

My GP recently said it is probably not a disc problem, because I can sit comfortably, twist, and touch my toes with no severe pain. She thinks it is a ligament damage.

I am now about to see a physiotherapist, but I will certainly try to seek out an applied kinesiologist, in fact, I did try to do so when I first injured myself, but I could not afford it at the time :(

I will keep you updated as to what happens - I cant wait until I can train again!


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Postby xander » Oct 20, 2004 17:59

just thought Id let you know how my injury is progressing.

Overall...much...much better! :)

I did end up seeing an AK specialist and found him very helpful indeed. I only had one session but that was worth ten from my chiropractor! I wanted to go back a second time but couldnt afford it.

Now I have weakness in my trunk muscles and slight numbness/aching after long periods of standing, or exercising, plus after periods of standing i feel very tight. If I then bend double and twist to my left (like stretching out my right hip area) i hear lots of cracks and crunches and it feels a lot looser.

ive been lazy in training recently but should be getting back into it soon.

The NHS physio did not much good!!

With the passing of time, seing a good AK, and gentle rehab exercises I am a lot better!
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