ACL trauma during a kickboxing spare

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ACL trauma during a kickboxing spare

Postby Jan » Mar 26, 2005 11:05

Hello friends,

I´m writing form germany and a have some really bad news. I cut my ACL in the right knee during a Kickboxingtraining session. I recognised this particular "pop" sound while returning form a high kick to my regular left-lead stance. My knee got a swelling and I went to a knee specialist. He found out that my ACL has a serious damage. In my opinion a surgery is the only solution to get the best results in the future.

Now, I want you to ask you a few important things for me:

1. Does any martial artist -especially those who used kicks- has experience with such a injury?
2. How long did you retire to get back in a) the regular training b) in competition?
3. What about stretching ? Splits etc? High kicks etc.? Can I practice the exercises after a good recovery . I have a strong legs muscles, the doctor fortunately told me and I train hard to keep them?
4. Can you give my some special training work outs in the phase of recovering?

Yes, right now I am really exhausted! I don´t know if I will have a come-back.
It would be really nice of you if you can send me some advice that I can use!

Thank you very much
Greetings from germany

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ACL trauma during a kickboxing sparring

Postby Thomas Kurz » Mar 28, 2005 21:03

If your ACL is torn badly enough to require surgery, then do the surgery and then we'll talk about rehab.

The surgeon will not just leave you after the operation without referring you to a rehab specialist.
Thomas Kurz
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Postby Amit12 » Jun 27, 2005 17:51

POP during a kick?
Is that really dangerous?
I`m asking because I experience pop-ups during kicks..
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Postby Jan_ » Jun 28, 2005 16:42


I recognised this particular sound when my leg returned from the roundhouse kick. When my foot touched the ground my knee went out sideways like a dislocation joint. :wink:

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Postby Amit12 » Jun 30, 2005 08:51

Jan_ wrote:Hi,

I recognised this particular sound when my leg returned from the roundhouse kick. When my foot touched the ground my knee went out sideways like a dislocation joint. :wink:


thankfully I have nothing like this.
Its when I snap the leg out thats when I get the POP.
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ACL injuries are not the end of the world

Postby drlord » Sep 25, 2005 15:43


Like you, I can remember hearing the pop. Had to be the loudest sound I ever heard. I was sparring and getting ready to plant a round house then it happened. I pretty much tore the ACL and destroyed most of the other cartilage. I had surgery and rehab and two years later I'm back with Kempo. I'll try to respond to the questions you posted:

1. Yes I have and I had ACL replacement surgery using a hamstring.
2. It took about 6 months to get back to training and a good year before competition.
3. Have your physical therapist and doctor tell you what kind of streaching to do. I have not been limited at all.
4. I used Chanbara to rehab my legs. I also worked with a strength coach because my uninjured leg was stronger than the injured leg and my balance was suffering.

Let me add one thing...I was 41 when I was injured.

Let me know if I can be of any more help,

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My ACL recovery training!

Postby Jan » Oct 07, 2005 04:22

Hi Drloard,

thanks for your e-mail, nice to hear from you! I am on a good way regarding to my ACL recovery. My strength increases daily.
Here I´m gonna drop my training agenda:

1. During the first days I trained with my therapist very easy stretches and strength exercises (with a very little range of motion)
In addition to that, I got special massages to improve the flow off of the liquidity in the knee area.

2. After ten days I started to do some spinning cycle units. First, I started on a really high seat position with a big angle among upper legs and lower legs. Than, I lower my seat position step by step to force my knee in a smaller angle. After a couple of days I got to a nearly full flex position. (Massages continued). My therapist and doctor agreed with my progress…

3. On the 5th week I began with weightlifting training, really gently. I didn´t look for records.
Just easy, I approached to my limit and there I stayed before I went further. Rule: No pain during the exercises!!!!

4. Five weeks ago, I had my first running exercises with duration of 20 min. For me, it was, and yes, it still is the hardest exercise I´ve done during the recovery.

5. In addition to this exercises I began with the isometric stretching in accordance to the advices of my doctor and therapist.

Now, please take this agenda which I pointed down above as an individual training plan. I got luck concerning to my progress. Please, keep always in a close touch to your doctor regarding to your individual progress during an ACL recovery.

If anybody gets new and rare recovery exercises, please let me know.

All the best to the injured

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