ACL reconstruction successfully done

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ACL reconstruction successfully done

Postby Jan_ » Jun 22, 2005 14:57

Dear Tom
dear friends,

I´ve just arrived from my ACL surgery and I feel very good. On the second day I could extend my leg compelty and can bring 30 % of my bodyweight on my injuried leg. I am very surprised and the doctor agreed with my progress. I have no special knee-protections, but walking sticks. The doctors had found a special treatment. They fixed the new lig.(part of the patella tendom) with my small bodyownparts, like small bones, which they sawed out before. So they reconstruct everything with bodyown parts, which is very good.
Just before the surgery, the doctor and I discussed the two ways of that specail reconstrution. The doctor can use the ´lig. semitendinosus or the lig. patella. He said, that for skaters and people who often use the muscles of the inner leg should take the lig.patella, because it is stronger. So these are the experience which I´ve had in the past three day. I will see what happend in the future

Greetings to everyone


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