ACL recovery

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ACL recovery

Postby Jan_ » Jun 30, 2005 08:03


as I told you in the last posts, I tore my ACL during a kickboxing match a couple mounth ago. Before I did my surgery two weeks ago my doctor, my physiotherapist and I had worked out a concept to get the best results during the healing process. We decided to wait with the surgery until the knee recovers from the swelling.
During the first weeks the therapist apply some special massages for the lymph to support the run off the the liqiudity. When this was done and my knee recovered a bit, I startet to build up muscles by doing squats with weights, leg curls , cycling and the isometric practice which I found in Thomas Kurz book `Stretching Scientifically`. This helped me a lot!
Now, my muscles of my legs are so strong that I can walk without walking sticks and the doctor agreed with that progress.( But only at home!)
Next week, I can go to the swimming pool to do some special applications
with my therapist...
I am really contented with my progress...

So, if you have more advices for me and other people who got this particular injury it would be really nice of you to tell....

Greetings from germany...

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