Plz Help !! Stretching with Hernia

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Plz Help !! Stretching with Hernia

Postby zen » Oct 05, 2005 13:02

hail to fellow fighters/sportsmen.

Im 26 ,do kicks, splits and strength training. im about 8 inches away from both front and side splits.

I incurred a hernia in the left abdomen a month back. It doesnt pain as such YET and the doc said its not major right now and to take it slowly and see how it goes.(No, not a sports doctor) I will be taking a second opinion anywayz. i do know i will eventually be goin through surgery to fix it.

My question are:

1. Is it advisable to do the splits in this condition?
2. Should i force the splits to the next level or jst try to "maintain" the flexibity i currently have?
3. After a hernia surgery, will i be able to achieve full splits? ( as they insert some mesh in the abdomen) If yes, how much time should i give to recover in order to start stretchin and splits with full intensity again?

I will be grateful if Mr Kurz or Anyone gone through the same can address this issue. Im extremely dedicated to achiving those full splits.

Thanx in advance, cheers !!
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Postby dragon » Oct 06, 2005 06:13

Sorry to hear about your condition.

Only a good doctor who is sympathetic to your goals/training will be able to give you a detailed answer on subjects such as whether you should keep training/recovery time after sugery.

A bodybuilder called Mike Matarazzo had hernia surgery and he said in an interview that the mesh they used was so strong it enabled the muscle to perform just as well as a healthy muscle.

Can't say how accurate this is though.

Sorry i can't be more helpful.

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Postby maxattack » Oct 09, 2005 17:49

Zen I had this surgery many years ago, and did not get the mesh, I was young and my Dr didnt feel it was necsary. What I advise is speak to you Dr. ask him if it is advisable to continue with your training pre surgery. Once you have had the procedure dont rush right back heal up first. When you are all healed up then continue with your training. I can do the splits never had a prob with the hernia again. Once its fixed your good 2 go, It really is a minor thing. Good luck.
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Postby zen » Oct 28, 2005 08:05

dragon and max ,thanx for the info and sharing your knowledge on the subject. yes, im goin through the surgery in the comin 10 days and will take it slowly after that.

i know a few bodybuilders who have gone through the same thing but none of em was into splits n kicks etc. im stil not aware if i will be able to achieve full splits after this. Will keep tryin :) and keep everyone posted
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