i am having hip bone problem?

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i am having hip bone problem?

Postby thekingofmartialarts » Aug 08, 2006 03:50

hi my name is shaik i am 17 i have a black belt in karate.
recently i noticed with my right leg while kicking side, round house kicks i cannot rotate my kicking leg 90 degree it just stop at 60 deg or soo and while i just bring back my leg i feel like a crack in my hip like hip bone like it just moved i can feel it and whenever i lift my knee up and while bring it down i feel the same thing like my hip bone just moved what can the problem be. my left leg is just fine.thanks. :?:
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Postby dragon » Aug 08, 2006 08:52

If your movement is being restricted where it wasn't before i'd get it checked out as soon as possible.

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