burning thighs

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burning thighs

Postby cmorton65 » Mar 23, 2007 12:54

I don't workout as I should. Was doing Swing Dancing for about 2 hours once a week last 3 months with no complications. 3 weeks ago increased that to twice a week. Started walking 2+ miles 3 times a week + swimming 10 laps once a week with no side effects. Increased my walking to 2 miles + 6 times a week + 2 swing dance..no complications. Went to a Rodeo day after last walk and after a mile both of my thighs started to have a burning sensation. Once I stopped walking and sat down the burning stopped. Went to Swing Class the next day and both of my thighs really started to have a burning sensation. My Doctor feels that my long period of not working out and then doing continued daily walking and other exercises has inflamed my tendons. My legs don't burn at night but since my last exercise I feel a slight burning sensation in both thighs. Need feedback on above situation.
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