medium speed zone, fast speed zone squats

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medium speed zone, fast speed zone squats

Postby arnold » Jan 13, 2015 20:08

What part of the season do you train the medium speed zone squats and the fast zone duration squats? Do you work the medium speed zone up until the athlete begins their peak phase then go to the fast zone peaking for a state competition?
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Re: medium speed zone, fast speed zone squats

Postby Thomas Kurz » Feb 06, 2015 19:30

Message from arnold, of February 2, 2015:
“I posted some questions in regards to squats and time at the training forum. As of now there is no answer. Any help you could give me in programming this in would be most helpful. I have Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for All Sports and have read the pages on the squats. Right now for instance the wrestlers are 27 days out from there state competition. Should they be training in the fast zone at this point?”

Do you make your athletes do exercises because observing them you see that they need them, or because the exercises are in fashion? In other words, are you sure your wrestlers need the fast squats at all, and in the fast zone too? If yes, do they need them at this time, less than a month before the competition? If yes, can they do these squats without screwing up their wrestling form and condition? If yes to all, then do what needs to be done.

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