Wrist strength

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Wrist strength

Postby tsdsensei » Dec 16, 2003 23:56

I could use some suggestions on ways to develop more wrist strength. When hittiing a kicking shield or punching bag sometimes I twist the wrist and it takes weeks to heal. How do I get it stronger to withstand front and reverse punches?
I am a 49 year old martial artist with 32 years & 5 black belts. I teach Tang Soo Do with a little Wado-ryu. Being 49 I can always use suggestions on training methods that work for my age without overdoing it.
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Re: Wrist strength

Postby Guest » Dec 17, 2003 10:09

One way to strengthen your wrists would be to do push-ups on your knuckles. Your wrists will strengthen in a a hurry as well as your knuckles will harden up.

Postby UKfightfreak » Dec 17, 2003 19:40

There are plenty of ways, I tend to find doing dead lifts, bent over rows, bench presses, hand stands and occasional wrist curls of enough strenthening.

But if you are training regularly, I would recommend using wrist wraps to protect your wrists. As when you are tired during training you wrist can easily give way.

I know that may sound like herecy to some Martial Artists - but think, if you were in a real encounter you would hit as hard as you can a few times. But if you have knackered your wrists will you be able to hit at all.

...after all what are palm heel strikes for!

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wrist strength

Postby BMcD123 » Jan 16, 2004 11:32

Try using a wooden dowell or similar object with a 4 or 5 ft. ropetied to it.
On the other end tie a 2-5 lb. weight and roll it up and down both ways,
foreward & backward. This is a great exercise for wrists & forearms.

Postby Nightshade » Jan 16, 2004 17:03

Use a one sided dumbbell or (preferably) a 5-10lb sledge hammer. Grip it with one hand in an icepick grip (head down) a ways away from the head. Twist your wrist slowly in 180 degree semicircles (if you can go further you're a mutant), bend it laterally, bend it up and down. Do the same thing with a conventional knife grip (head up).

Pushups on the knuckles, as already mentioned, helps enormously.

Pushups on the fingertips.

Overhand pullups, especially if you can do it on a ledge rather than a bar, will greatly strengthen your forearms and wrists.

The dowell idea is excellent as well.

This is more for your fingers and forearms, but it does help with the wrists. Lay a sheet of newspaper flat out on a table. Grab it with one hand and crumple it into your fist without using your other hand. Do this for as long as you can. Once you can do an entire issue of the NYTimes with one hand, your hands and forearms will be in great shape.

Hope those help.

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