Aerobic exercise for the power athlete?

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Re: Aerobic exercise for the power athlete?

Postby bowlie » Mar 24, 2013 07:56

My understanding of it is that low intensity aerobic work will develop your slow twich fibers only. Meaning your fast twich ones will still be fine. This way you can increase endurance and general health a fair bit without compromising power. With weights, to get stronger you have to increase the weight, and with cardio its the same. To get better you have to increase duration or intensity. You will get to a point where to improve you have to train for a long time to get better, or at a higher intensity. Higher intensity aerobic work means it involves your fast twich fibers, and this will impact on power, becasue your changing the focus of your fast twitch fibers away from power to endurance.

Simply put, if you are doing HIIT three times a week, it will impact on you negatively. If you go for a light jog or (my personal favorite) bike ride a few times a week for say, 30-40 mins that would be great. if you have a HR monitor, try and keep around 150 BPM. It should feel like you arent doing all that much work at all. Infact, jogging is too high intensity for me, so I power walk or bike ride.
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