vertical leap development for flips, twist, etc.

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vertical leap development for flips, twist, etc.

Postby tomwes » Nov 22, 2005 17:53

I've been wanting to learn tumbling and tricking, but don't really have the proper vertical leap for it. Any suggestions on how to get started? I've been practicing back tucks and using my friend as a spotter.
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Postby Thomas Kurz » Nov 23, 2005 16:28

If you can jump high enough to lift your hips to the height of your chest (when standing) you have all the jumping ability you need for the back somersault (flip). Your problem may be caused by a wrong take off. There is a simple rule: The way you land shows the way you took off. So, if you land leaning forward or even with your hands on the ground, then it means you took off bent in your hips. You can fix it by deliberately straightening your whole body (straight knees, straight hips, arms up) at the instant of the take off. You can work on it with your spotter. You can work on it alone too, best on a trampoline, if you can land at least on all four when doing flips on the trampoline. You know you do ok when you land upright and looking straight ahead (the same direction you looked when taking off). A good sign is when upon landing you lose balance to the back rather than to the front. (But make sure the area behind you is safe!)

If you still want to improve your jump then use the training method and the exercises described in Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for All Sports ( ).
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Postby Broncco » Jan 17, 2006 10:19

What about jumping on and off the box? Would not that teach you how to land correctly?
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Trampoline and Splits Work

Postby megaquests » May 04, 2007 04:56

Hi, please excuse me if this question is slightly off topic.

On the subject of trampolines, ive just finished setting a big one in our garden for the kids, and was wondering if there are any excercises on the trampoline that could be used to help with strengthening or stretching leg muscles to help with the splits programme. I've just started working through the stretching scientifically programme using your book and DVD. Thank you for all the careful work and advice.

Best regards
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