Groin just not getting better

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Groin just not getting better

Postby johnjones323 » Jun 05, 2012 17:57

Hi All,
This is my first post on this website due to the desperation to fix my problem.
I pulled my groin 6 months ago during a football game (soccer), that evening I could hardley walk. I didn't go to Dr but instead gave it a 2 months total rest with hardly any stranious excersise. The pain went better after a few days, and no brusises, but hurt loads when I streched in bed in the mornings. I get the pain when legs are pushed towords each other. The pain is in the inner thigh, right in the joint or something.

Decided to go to physio and he said it was a muscle strain, he massaged it, used ultra sound and then gave me streches and strengethening exercises and told me to use heat on area. Went back week later as it did not get better, he said the same again. He said that the fact that it hurts in the morning is an indication that it is muscle injury.

Decided to go to Dr, they just gave me anti inflametaries and told me to use cold pack.

I have tryied all the above for weeks. Not inproving much, but does not hurt in morning any more. I can run in staright line no problem. 4 months in and went fed up and attempted football games, but could only last between 40 Min and 60 min, but could feel the groin being uncofortable throughout , it then goes bad, but recoveres to same state that it was before a football game within 4 - 5 days.

I need this problem sorted but don't know what to do. I trust the Physio as I have been with him before and is recomended by mates, but he costs £30 a shot, which I can't afford.

Please, please someone give me usefull advise. I am willing to try anything.

Sorry for spelling errors, getting late and can't find spell checker.


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Re: Groin just not getting better

Postby Thomas Kurz » Jun 05, 2012 18:41

Here is my recent post on Groin Pain: ... iscipline/
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