Post Knee Surgey - tightness

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Post Knee Surgey - tightness

Postby Tmess » Jul 23, 2008 17:07

I had knee Surgery to repair my ACL on my right knee a few years ago. They harvested my hamstring in order to repair the ACL.

I've had some problems with full range of motion in my knee since then even after performing physical rehab. I practice BJJ and can not sit back on my heels (i.e. my heel can not touch my butt) on my right leg. This has posed significant problems as my posture is somewhat forward making it easier for my opponents to sweep me.

I feel the tightness in my knee but oddly it feels as though it is tightest in my ankle and shin as opposed to my quads. I read the article on Stadion for rehabbing the knee if you feel pain in the knee cap and have performed many of those exercises and although it has improved my leg strength and lessened pain in the knee, I still can not sit back on my heels.

Any thoughts?

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