Anterior Pelvic tilt: inactive glutes, tight back, loose abs

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Anterior Pelvic tilt: inactive glutes, tight back, loose abs

Postby tyciol » May 08, 2010 20:07

I was reviewing some of the first 'Injuries' bulletin after reading the recent one. I got a little confused about an issue.

[quote=Kurz]Inability to produce hip extension with the gluteus maximus shifts the job onto the low back extensors. The low back extensors then become tight and hypertonic and in turn inhibit the abdominal muscles.[/quote]

I am confused though, as to how the low back extensors (erector spinae?) produce hip extension in lieu of the glutes, because I thought they only connected to the pelvis and not to the femur or any other part of the leg. How would this work, does it have to do with fascial connections?

I had heard that they shift the problem onto the hamstrings if glutes are weak which could cause knee stability problems, not sure if this is related or different issue.
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