Lower Back Injury

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Lower Back Injury

Postby David » Dec 17, 2003 15:58

In the last 14 months I have had 3 back injuries treated by an osteopath. Each one, he said the cause had been twisted 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae. I had been strength training before my last injury in order to strengthen my back, I had progressed to 80% of my body weight in bent leg dead lift, although had probably increased weight too quickly.

Now I'm pain free, and have stopped martial art training to strengthen my back to prevent further misalignment.

What percentage of bodyweight lifted in dead lift is likely to be sufficient to prevent further back problems whilst kicking?

My plan is to be able to lift 150% of body weight in deadlift and 200 back extensions (on the floor in sets of 30) before I kick again.

Postby UKfightfreak » Dec 17, 2003 19:46

Kurz recommends 1 or 2 deadlifts at twice your bodyweight before you can kick above the waist.

I think you have to listen to your body and medical advice on this one, not the ramblings of someone like me on a message board!!

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