Pain in hip when coming out of side stretch

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Pain in hip when coming out of side stretch

Postby ray barnett » Mar 16, 2005 12:35

Can anybody help with this problem.

when coming out of a side stretch I experience pain in my right hip which also runs down my femer, the greater the stretch, the more the pain.

At times it can be so severe that I can bearly move or bear any weight on the leg, it only last for a few minutes once I am out of the stretch.

I ensure that I am tilting my hips while doing the side plit and I believe my legs to be strong enough.

Thanks for any help :
ray barnett
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Postby Paul H » Mar 22, 2006 07:49

If the pain is on the outside of the hip and down the outside of the leg or across the gluts have your hip checked for hip bursitis.

This site explains hip bursitis:- ... tegory=Hip

Paul H
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