I`ve torn my Medial Meniscus

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I`ve torn my Medial Meniscus

Postby Amit12 » Oct 25, 2005 18:10

I`ve posted some stuff on my knee injury before- so
I`ll just do a quick recap.

For over a year I was squatting with the wrong form.
My knees used to cave in...
Then somewhere in July I had this really bad cave in of my R leg.
Also my R glutei started hurting me.

I started seeing a Physio.
She said that
*Some ligaments/cartilage had been sprained in my knee
*Muscle injury in my glutei
*Twisted n Flat R foot.

I did this
*Deepwave DIA therapy.
*Strengthening my Quads n Hams with iso
exercises(Curls, Exts)
*Walking on toes,heels, ball rolling to develop an

After doing this for something like 1.5 month or
something the frequency of my pain had
lessened and and also the intensity.
However I still cant squat and the feeling in my R
glutei made me feel like the
R leg is just not a part of my body.

Then I met this Pro PLifter. He said that an Ortho
would be much better than a Physio.
On his insistence I visited an ORTHO.
Told him everything including my visit to the Physio.
He stretched my legs,toes, and then took my foot and
moved it in a circular fashion.
There was this loud POP.
This is what he says.
*My Medial Meniscus is torn.
The POP is because it kindda keeps going out and in of
the knee joint.
A surgery will have to be performed wherein he`ll
remove the torn part/bad part of the
About my Lower Back:
He asked to lie down and touched a spot on my lower
back and asked whether it hurt my glutei.
It did. Not exactly Hurt but a mild stimulation.
This is because he said the cushion disks were bulging
out and pressing against some nerves.
This is what is irritating my glutei.
The only cure is rest.
I`ll have to wear this back belt for around 3 months.

I went for a second opinion.
And this time I acted like hes the very 1st Doc I`m
visiting for my injury.
I didnt tell him anything about the Physio.
He checked me and told me the same thing: Medial
Meniscus torn.
But he said this:
*Go to a Physio- do some quad exercises
*Ultra sound and deep wave therapy for 10 days.
If my condition doesnt improve after that then I`ll
have to go for surgery- in which he`ll remove
the torn/damaged portion.

So unfortunately both the Orthos are saying the same
Surgery to remove some parts of my meniscus.

I read this article in an old issue of Inside
Its by a Mike Ftzhugh...
"...a knee with a torn meniscus never completely
regains its pre-injury stability....
removing only the injured portion,leaving the rest
seems to be getting better
results(as compared to taking the whole thing out..)


I`ve got some questions:
1.If any of you`ve undergone this- please tell me
everthing about it.
Are you better of now or do you think it would`ve been better without the surgery?
2.I really dont know what else to ask -so please just tell me everything you think would help me....
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