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leg curl

Postby backinjured » Dec 10, 2005 20:16

I've just tried something. I don't have any leg curl machine or ankle weights so I tried lying leg curls without weights. I told myself maybe after lots of repetitions I would increase some endurance...

So what happened is as soon as I started, every time my leg went backward my knee was clicking, every movement, a popping sound. And after maybe 20 repetitions it stopped. But when I went back on my feet, I felt pain near my kneecap. The pain is exactly on the arrow of "Quadriceps tendon":


Is this popping normal? Would it be a lack of this kind of exercises? Did I stretch this tendon? Why leg curls aren't tearing this tendon? This is only because I've went too far? Other thoughts? Are leg curls without weights useful?

I've just tried again without going far backward. When I've got that pain described on here, I was doing the 20 repetitions with my right leg. Now I tried with left leg (before getting any pain though). But the clicking/popping is present. I don't have the go far backward huh, my leg isn't even perpendicular to the ground, maybe 45 degrees. What's all this about?

Oh and are hindu squats working on quadriceps tendon?

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Postby dragon » Dec 12, 2005 06:42

The guy in the picture is performing an exercise for the lower back/glutes(sometimes called a reverse back extension,a slight variation of this are called supermans).

Personally,i think stiff leg deadlifts are a much better exercise than lying leg curls.
If you don't have access to any barbells/dumbbells the bodyweight only version of the SLDL would still be more beneficial as your upper body weighs more than your lower leg.The exercise can be made harder by performing the one leg SLDL.You stand with both feet together at the start.You lean you upper body forwards(like a normal SLDL) but as you do so,you raise one leg straight out behind you.Both the upper body and leg should move together like a see-saw motion.

You can even improvise weights using anything that comes to hand.

As for the popping sound:-This may be due to the fact you are performing it on the floor.On a leg curl bench your knees are slightly off the end of the bench (the "rollers" are usually just above the knee).Having your knees in contact with the floor could be causing this sensation.

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Postby backinjured » Dec 12, 2005 08:38

yes you're right, I didn't notice the thighs aren't on the floor, sorry
I also do this hyperextension/superman exercise.

For the sound though, I wasn't on the floor, I was lying on a bench with only the thighs on the bench, not the rest of the leg... :?
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