legs problems

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legs problems

Postby tomik » Dec 13, 2005 17:09

well, i have several problems:

1.- the left side of my left knee hurts me a little but during all day, i feel better when i sit with my legs crossed in front of me like yoga positions, but when i stand it hurts me again, thats all day.

2.- the hip flexor of my right leg its always tired so when i do even crunches with my knees up, hurts me, i feel good when i strech it doing the warrior position from yoga, but the same as the knee, when i stop the strech it hurts me again.

3.-the inner side of my femoral tendon right behind of my knee hurts me, i overstrech it like 2 years ago, and i recover only resting, but now it begins again and i already rest for 3 weeks and anything happen, when i do leg curls or bridges or i contract it doesnt hurt but when i strech it begins to hurt.

any suggestions?

i would thank you all your advices and suggestions


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Postby dragon » Dec 15, 2005 06:27

THat's a tough one without having an actual diagnosis to work with.
First,i would suggest getting yourself checked out professionally.

The hip flexor pain may be weakness or tightness.I would suggest concentrating on stretching that area thoroughly after any hip flexor work.

Sorry i can't be of more help,

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