Side or Chinese splits

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Side or Chinese splits

Postby Paul H » Mar 22, 2006 07:05

I have hip bursitis in both hips which is severly restricting my side and roundhouse kicks as I can only get my legs 110 degrees apart in the Chinese split. I can still perform front splits.

I am currently on ibuprofen 200mg three times a day to reduce the imflamation.

Is there any stretch that can assist in the recovery of hip bursitis?
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Postby Kit » Mar 22, 2006 21:34

I have bursitis in my right shoulder... which lead to frozen shoulder last year. I haven't had it in my hips (didn't actually realize you could get it in the hips!)

One thing that really helped me with mine in the acute stage was a kind of laser therapy, where the doctor had a handheld pen-like laser which he put on acu-points on my shoulder. In two sittings this took the swelling down. Once the swelling was down, my shoulder was free to move, but then needed strengthening. I have been working to build the strength (which provides stability) in the joint since. Starting with light weights and building up to body weight exercises. It has beenlong and slow... Each time I think i am getting strong enough, I try some pushups and then it proves too much for the shoulder. so then i go back to the light weights.

lately I have been trying some Chinese medicine - some '701 plasters' (medicated plasters that you stick on the injured area) and these have helped a lot as the shoulder gets painful in cold weather. You can get these plasters at any chinese medicine shop quite cheaply... i also have been applying Die Dar Jiu, which is another liquid herbal medicine (commonly used in kungfu). Just massage into the joint using your finger tips (I would avoid putting any of this stuff on your groin though).

Any one else have any ideas/methods?
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