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Postby mougaly » Dec 05, 2011 03:22

Why do you have to give up caffeine when you start body building or toning up and weight loss? When I start new programs for body toning and weight loss, they usually provide a diet. These diets always tell you to stop caffeine completely. Why? I went to curves, dropped 2 sizes, but my fat index remained the same. They asked if drank caffeine. Yes!
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Re: caffeine

Postby Thomas Kurz » Dec 07, 2011 12:06

Perhaps because too much caffeine ruins your deep sleep, when the most important for lean-body mass releases of growth hormone occur. This may be why you lost weight but retained fat % and didn't gain much muscle.

Also, people who eat high-carb need caffeine to counteract effects of the high-glycemic index and the high-glycemic load of such diet, but that caffeine screws them up further (see above).
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