Any advice on forcing to eat more??

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Any advice on forcing to eat more??

Postby Iceman » Oct 02, 2006 11:37


maybe it's not an average question...
But I want to gain some weight, although I'm never hungry.
And when I AM hungry I'm filled in no time!!

- So with other words: for me it's almost impossible to gain weight.

Now I'd like to get some info on possible food-supplements?
* Is there any (it has to be on a natural base, not bad for the body) stuff on the market that increases your apetite?


--> PS: It's easy to say "eat some more"...
But if you're not hungry, you're not in the mood to eat.
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Postby mmeloon » Oct 02, 2006 12:58

I think if you manage to succeed in gaining weight when you're not hungry, it'll end up being fat that you are accumulating. I can't see the point of that. I'll assume you want to gain muscle instead. In that case, I think you need to ask yourself why you don't feel hungry. The body is pretty good at sending signals to let you know that it needs more fuel and building blocks.

If you're not hungry, then it may be the case that you just aren't working hard enough to convince your body that it needs more raw material. Have you tried a 20-rep squat or deadlift routine like the ones advocated by the book Super Squats (read this thread for more info)? You do that for a few weeks and your appetite will increase significantly.

Another possibility is that you are overtraining. Science of Sports Training says that loss of appetite is one of the symptoms of overtraining. Read the book for more symptoms of overtraining and see if they apply to you.

I realize this isn't the advice you were looking for, but I think trying to find some kind of trick to take in more calories than your body thinks you need is not the way to go. Instead, try to figure out why your appetite is so low. It may be an indication of an error in your training or it could be something else entirely (e.g., hypothyroidism). You should listen to your body instead of trying to trick it.

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Postby DanBor » Oct 04, 2006 06:07

Maybe you could fit in couple of protein shakes (between meals) with milk.

For example: if you have 3 meals a day, you could try with protein shakes between those meals - that way you get 5 meals a day and additional aprox. 500 kcal more to your diet, which is enough for gaining weight.

Good idea would be to also incorporate weight trainig in - for muscle mass.

Remember - gaining weight is a slow process.
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