Losing weight a sure and safe way

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Losing weight a sure and safe way

Postby tsdsensei » Mar 09, 2004 10:22

I am a 49 year old martial artist with 5 black belts and two small schools. I am testing for my next advanced dan rank soon and need to get my weight down. I also feel as a good example to my students I need to slim down. I am 5' 10" and weight 200lb and feel I should be between 170 & 180. I have tried the Atkiins approach and found it difficult. Counting calories is tuff. I take anti-seizure medicine and I believe it throws my metabolism off. I walk on a treadmill 4 times a week, lift weights 4 times a week, teach class 5 times a week and squeeze in a little personal workout time on top of that. I am frustrated and don't know what else to try. TSD Sensei
I am a 49 year old martial artist with 32 years & 5 black belts. I teach Tang Soo Do with a little Wado-ryu. Being 49 I can always use suggestions on training methods that work for my age without overdoing it.
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losing weight

Postby sid » Mar 23, 2004 02:49

You may find www.mercola.com useful. He talks about metabolic typing and I found out for myself that I do much better -- more energy, etc., on a high protein, medium carbohydrate with over 90% veggies. Keeping a food journal helps a lot. You already know that high protein, high fat is not a good idea but what about a high protein, low fat or a high carbo- low protein, etc. Just think about how you feel a few hours later and you will sudden say EUREKA! Good luck

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