women and stretching

Post questions and tips on men's and women's flexibility and stretching concerns.

women and stretching

Postby prima ballerina » Jun 17, 2004 19:30

I am a female dancer and want to increase my leg flexibility, specifically my side split. I am interested in Stadion's products but it seems like all of the testimonials are from men. Is this because Stadion's products only work for men, or will they work for women as well?
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women and stretching

Postby Thomas Kurz » Jun 19, 2004 18:49

The method of stretching described in the book Stretching Scientifically or shown on the video Secrets of Stretching affects the neural control of muscles and in case of isometric stretching also strengthens muscles in extended positions. It works for men and for women because men's and women's muscles and their neural control are not very different.

Why there are no testimonials from women? Women have a greater hip flexibility than men and perhaps those women who train seriously do not consider doing splits to be a big deal. I wrote about flexibility of men and women and on the lack of testimonials from women in the chapter Questions and Answers on Stretching in Stretching Scientifically.
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Postby UKfightfreak » Jul 01, 2004 15:17

Most women I come across have done dance or gymnastic classes when they were young or have tried or practiced yoga. Where as men don't tend to do these types of things (generally).

Take this into account and the perceived lack of the need for flexibility for men (unless they are participating in Martial Arts) it probably gives a little more insight into why testimonials come from men. Most men just don't beleive they are capable of such feats.

I have often been asked 'am i double jointed' or 'did I do gymnastics when I was a child' and when I say 'No' I will then get 'you must stretch for hours a day' and when I say, normally about 10 minutes they suddenly get interested.

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