Side/Straddle Split Stretching past 180deg

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Side/Straddle Split Stretching past 180deg

Postby MB » Jul 31, 2007 18:44

Sport - Gymnastics

What are the dangers and concerns (for the hip) of stretching the side splits past 180deg.
Some gymnastics coaches stretch gymnasts by pressing their pelvis to the floor (while lying on their stomach) and lifting a leg 6-10" off the floor.
As a US coach for a different discipline I only see harm and injury to the joint as a result.
Are there any studies available?

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Re: Side/Straddle Split Stretching past 180deg

Postby tyciol » Jun 07, 2010 10:48

Do you mean like that number in particular being some kind of cutoff point? I think the more mobility people gain, perhaps the more danger is involved... as in, it's likely more strenuous and worrisome to go from 180 to 190 than to go from 170 to 180, but then again, even that compared to 160 to 170...

Perhaps differently structured hips have different points of maximal healthy RoM. I agree that it would be interesting if there were studies to explore this. I can't help but wonder if our fixation on 180 is more aesthetic.
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