New to Martial Arts...Help!

Post questions and tips on selecting a sport or martial arts style, and finding a good instructor or teacher.

New to Martial Arts...Help!

Postby ty » Nov 10, 2004 10:48


I'm new to martial arts...are there any books or videos I can check out for some general tips and advice?


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Postby Guest » Nov 10, 2004 19:12

Have you joined a school or do you have a teacher? there are endless books and videos on martial arts. What area of interest do you have? Real fighting skills? Performance martial arts (ie look fancy but would not be up to much in a fight?), are you interested in tradition? spiritual aspects? Of course a good martial arts school would encompase most of these points, but the fact is people usually have one area they are interested more in than others.

Postby Guest » Jan 25, 2005 12:22

hey what up can u help me something
how can i get strong knucles
:) :)

Postby mmeloon » Jan 25, 2005 14:31

You guys need to be more specific in your questions. What the hell does "strong knuckles" mean? What type of "general martial arts" information are you seeking?

These questions don't make any sense. Ask focused questions and you'll be surprised at the generosity of others in providing useful information. Ask vague questions and you won't get any responses at all.

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