what type of martial arts are right for me?

Post questions and tips on selecting a sport or martial arts style, and finding a good instructor or teacher.

what type of martial arts are right for me?

Postby Ohls » Apr 10, 2005 18:37

Im quite agile and have a pretty evolved balance since I ride alot of aggresive inlinesaggresive inlines (not my site). I Used to train Capoeira but the trainer moved soo... I learned how to do a cartwheel without hands, but it was a long time ago so im not as fit and I cant do it anymore.

I want a type of martial arts that involves alot of flipping and fancy moves sorta, like really high back flips and stuff like that. It should still involve actuall "fighting" I didnt really feel like capoeira contained that.

I dont care about competions and such, so it doesnt matter how populer it is.

also im 16 years old.
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Postby dragon » Apr 11, 2005 05:47

There are lots of exotic systems of Kung Fu(particularly northern styles) that use a lot of high kicks and aerial techniques.

Wu Shu is one style that has a very gymnastic(for want of a better word) syllabus.Some Wu Shu organisations also include San Shou(contact fighting).

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Postby Shadow » Mar 15, 2006 16:33

I agree with dragon, traditional or olympic style wushu would definitely fit the bill. Another option is to study a martial art like Tae Kwon Do and just learn gymnastics on top of it. It is easy to incorporate the 2 if you are really athletic.

Regarding fighting, ALL martial arts, including Capoeira, are fighting arts at their core, so any art you choose should make you a proficient fighter. If that does not happen, I suggest evaluating the school as well as the way you train. Let the master know from the beginning that this is one of your goals, and the 2 of you can determine if the school is right for you. Some schools concentrate more on forms and exhibition, some more on confidence and personality development, etc, than fighting. Again, you should still be able to fight, but a school that places more emphasis on combat may suit you better.

Best of luck.
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Postby eviljoints » Mar 21, 2006 10:13

I found that when i did karake, kae kwando and gym that i was able to most of the stuff you asked but then you are training all week and some people just want free time. Mixing to sports is a great way to learn.
This may sound strang or silly but bailly is very good if join into a contact sport and it has very tough phisical aspects.
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