Does Tom Kurz train the public?

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Does Tom Kurz train the public?

Postby xcgsfdg2000 » Jan 19, 2007 19:14

I would seriously consider moving far from my home (Alabama) to be able to train with an instructor who knows what he is doing. There are nothing but ignorant teachers around here!
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Postby strangedejavu » Feb 14, 2007 18:03

I've had the same frustration looking for a school in Dallas. I learned the hard way that you'll have to make some compromises on an instructor or else you'll remain stagnant waiting for the perfect school to come around. Instructors of more practical arts (like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai) seem to know their stuff a bit better because they're more grounded in pragmatics rather than dogma (although that's not always the case). At the same time, don't go to a school that your gut tells you is dangerous. I've dropped out of classes because they were unable to sufficiently convey proper technique and I could tell that injury was heading my way. I'm no wimp but I'm not stupid either. Injury's also a good way to keep yourself stagnant. Good luck with the search!
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