why was i banned

why was i banned

Postby hb18 » Feb 09, 2006 19:40

yea, i just tried to log in and it didnt work, i tried to regestered and it said my email has been banned, so i regestered with a differnt email, but why was i banned in the first place, what did i do wrong?
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Postby dannyboy » Mar 01, 2006 09:07

I also have this problem but with my home pc. I try to enter the forums and I am told I am banned but I can log in from work with no problems. Anyone know why?
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Postby Thomas Kurz » Mar 01, 2006 10:15

We have been banning addresses of servers used by spammers and spam peddlers. Either your ISP's server was used by them or we have set a too wide range of address numbers in our banned list. We will try to fix it today. See more info in Personal Message.
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