Russian Kettlebells

Russian Kettlebells

Postby Preacher » Jul 18, 2005 13:14

I have been using Russian Kettlebells for the last year and have found them to be extremely helpful in developing strength, explosiveness in motion, endurance, and the ability to minimize injury while engaging in martial art practice. The explosive action of the hips while performing kettlebell snatches also carries over well into the performance of kicking and punching. I appreciate the wiry strength and physique they have developed in me. They also function as a very portable gym that can be taken along whenever I go out of town for the weekend.
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Postby dragon » Jul 19, 2005 05:32

I know Pavel Tsatsouline is a big advocate of kettlebell training and reading some of the testimonies/seeing the results of the trainees who use them,it is hard to argue their benefits.
I have never seen enough about the actual training techniques/workouts to comment on,but what i have seen gave me the impression that kettlebells break the "comfort zone" of conventional dumbbells and barbells because they are more awkward to control(at least it looks that way).I would assume this brings more of the stablizing muscles into play.

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