Ankle weights for leg raises and adductor fly's

Ankle weights for leg raises and adductor fly's

Postby Guest » Sep 08, 2005 09:51

Well well, I've come quite a long way with my conditioning, if I say so myself. And think I'm almost ready for the isometrics...


The next challenge I have before me, are the leg raises with weights. The problem here is that ankle weights can be found hardly nowhere around here, let alone iron boots... I already tried Atomic Athlete, but they only deliver in the US. So I'm a bit troubled... I do have one pair of ankle weights, weighing about 2,50 kg together, which I got years ago.

What do you guys say, go or no go?

I can lift twice my body weight in a deadlift, do 100 leg raises etc etc. The only thing left now are the leg raises with weights, hanging leg raises, adductor fly's (+ weight) and the adductor pull-downs.

I might be able to obtain some more ankle weight straps, ranging from 0,5 kg to 2,5 kg... but after that it stops.

Your experience with this and advice are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Postby dragon » Sep 09, 2005 06:29

If you feel you need more weight you could wear more than 1 pair of ankle weights on each leg.

I guess it depends how heavy you wish to go.

Sorry i can't be more help,

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