My karate training class

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My karate training class

Postby john carroll » Jun 27, 2006 09:08

Just wanted to post the training program used in my kenpo karate classes. After 4 years of training i feel my sparring and power has improved greatly but little else, my flexibility has only improved slightly.

class is as follows;

- joint rotations
- kicking practice (front kicks / shin kicks) few hundred of each
- static stretches - starting with light ones
- punching practice (front / side / double punch etc
- dynamic kicks
- static stretches
- sit ups / press up
- punching practice (front / side / double punch etc
- run for a few laps around hall
- kicking & punching combo's up & down hall for up to 6 / 7 minutes non stop
- Kata / forms
- Sparring practice - 2 x 2min rounds
- Roundhouse / side kick practice
Finish with Kata / forms practice

I do the class 2 to 3 times a week. After research on the web for the past few months i've purchased Tom Kurz book and dvd. I see that my back & leg strength were really lacking, not to mention my flexibility. I'm a brown belt now and a couple of years away from black, but i'm looking to take a break from a year or so to concentrate on flexibility & strength & even looking for another club. Not sure if the training routine suits me.

Any comments welcome!
john carroll
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Postby dragon » Jun 28, 2006 05:54

Well,it ain't the best way to combine the exercises that are involved,but i think most(or at least a lot) of traditional martial arts are run that way.

If you like what you do and the instructor is good at performing/teaching the actual Karate syllabus then there are ways around the class structure.

For example,perfrom dynamic stretches before you start class,don't use the static stretches at the start of you class as stretches(just go through the motions),etc,etc.

You could even only attend once per week to maintain your syllabus training and take up boxing or grappling on the other days you would've trained to help with sparring,fitness,etc.

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