What kind of exercises do I need to learn frontsplits??

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What kind of exercises do I need to learn frontsplits??

Postby Iceman » Sep 02, 2006 13:53

I can almost do sidesplits, but for some reason I have no clue what kind of exercises to do... in order to learn the frontsplits.

Can some1 give me any advice please?
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Postby mmeloon » Sep 04, 2006 14:28

Do you have the book Stretching Scientifically or video Secrets of Stretching? Everything you need to know is in there.

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Postby dragon » Sep 05, 2006 06:29

You need to work on the flexibility of your hamstrings(front leg) and your hip flexors(rear leg).

If you are performing the martial arts front split,the rear leg is in the same position as a side split which works the adductors.

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